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Why Many Would-Be Successful Teachers Fail

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Numerous Easy-To-Follow Strategies

Tried and true tips from the trenches applicable to any skill level and situation


Set Yourself Apart–Regardless of Experience

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Did you know that there are teachers making $100,000 overseas right now where their skills are in high demand?


Did you know that you can in many cases legally pay no tax on overseas earned income?

Follow my lead and learn to secure the most profitable contracts overseas!

Let me be blunt and tell you why I’m the expert. Let me tell you why this manual and service is the first and only product of its kind.

I’ve made hundreds of thousands of dollars abroad teaching English. I used this money as the foundation to build a large income property portfolio. I’ve developed a method that incorporates over a decade of experience and shows you how to dial in and secure a high salary abroad teaching. I’ve worked multiple $500+/day and $100k+/year contracts in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. I’m not a guy with a theoretical idea that may potentially hypothetically one day work. I’m someone who has been there and done it and has the passport stamps and tax returns to prove it.

I’ll show you how I did it.

I’m a normal guy. I graduated college with a 2.9 GPA from a tier 4 online university and I majored in Liberal Studies. I’ve consistently landed some of the highest paid jobs and been a top earner in the business of teaching English abroad. When there was no path, I made my own. When there was no demand, I created a need for my services. My blueprint to success covers the exact methods I used and how you can apply them to your own situation too. 

The bottom line is this: I offer the service and expertise that I looked for high and low 15 years ago and could not find. The content in my 200+ page manual, expert resume review, and my personal one-on-one email consulting offer you massive return on investment. I’ll save you time, heartache and frustration in a foreign country, and provide you with expert guidance in the field so you don’t have to make the mistakes I did. You will have access to a coach who has been there before and has excelled. You’ll have an experienced second set of eyes on your contracts and someone to proofread your resume and provide detailed feedback. No matter what your goal teaching is, I can help you get there faster and more efficiently.


Need help with a specific question about teaching abroad?


Need an honest answer from someone who has no vested interest in screwing you over?


Need to talk to someone who’s been in your shoes after you arrive in country?

I’ve got your back! I have zero affiliation with recruiters, schools, or other third parties and I always have your best interest at heart. I’m in your corner and just an email away. I have made my reputation by over-delivering and I’ll prove it to you.

Laugh at the $1,000/month job offers and mainstream ESL garbage. I will teach you to quickly sort through the crap and increase your earnings regardless of your skill level or experience. Don’t think you have to waste your time (money) on entry level, dead-end peon jobs to get started!

Learn from my mistakes and skip the school of hard knocks. Maximize your savings your very first year with my ideas and techniques based on your unique background and situation.

Praise and Feedback

Listen, I cannot suggest this book enough! It is a must read. Ben knows exactly what he’s talking about. He has done us all a favor by revealing some of the world’s best kept secrets in his book. After reading his book and taking advantage of his email consultation, I was inspired by his story and what he had been able to accomplish at such a young age. As I embark on my EFL teaching career, I will be armed with his invaluable advice, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I have the knowledge to land the best, most lucrative contracts out there. Thanks, Ben! If you are serious about teaching English overseas, and you are serious about amassing true wealth, I recommend his book to you wholeheartedly. You will not be disappointed!

Kierra Ivy


Eighteen years ago, the idea came into my mind to teach English in Asia but I pursued being a fashion accessories designer instead. I can’t believe I waited so long to manifest my desire! Naysayers told me that I was too old, from recruiters to random people, and I was only 46. After I discovered Ben’s YouTube channel and purchased his book, six months later, with Ben’s encouragement and direction, I was teaching English in Korea! Ben is brazenly honest and straightforward in his book and videos. Having him coach me was like working for a small business owner in the field I wanted to go into and then starting up my own business with all his knowledge from mistakes made. I wholeheartedly advise that you buy his book now and take advantage of his generously given expertise. His review of my cover letter, resume and contract was priceless.

Jasmin Zorlu


I really want to thank you SO MUCH for your videos, emails, and especially your book. I am so excited for where I am and it pretty much comes completely from an idea from your book and other stuff. I did not even think to go through these websites, bookmarking and making a big contact list of FAOs for universities around Asia without your book. I’m here in Beijing about to teach at a pretty top notch university in an amazing program, with kick ass benefits in my second year of teaching, and…..dammit Ben anyone who is on the fence about buying your book, watching your video, or sending some money over for your email advice needs to make the plunge ASAP. I’m just psyched and am very grateful for what you do, and I wanted to share that. I hope you get a chance to respond and that all is well and all the best for your 2017 and beyond. Christopher Kelly

I have immensely benefited from working with Ben over the past two years. His resume feedback and book helped me land two great gigs in Saudi Arabia. I am 100% satisfied and would definitely recommend his book and services to all friends and family interested in teaching ESL. Yafees Sarwar

My biggest regret is that I wish I would have purchased Ben’s package sooner. As a successful online business owner I know the value of learning from others who are very successful at what you want to do. After 6 years living in Asia doing online marketing I decided to do something different for a bit. I needed a life change and to be around people. So I jumped into teaching.I never thought teaching English could be profitable. While searching for lesson ideas I found Ben’s videos and was blown away at this ideas. It’s truly about treating teaching like a real profitable business. Yet I was already a month into Vietnam and had made every mistake he covers in his book. They set me back months of classes and thousands of dollars. This book is truly worth gold and the private email coaching he gave me allowed me to get total clarity, increase my hourly rate substantially, and create a $10,000 a month teaching plan. We have rolled out a new plan for 2017 I’m very excited about. Thanks! Andrew Zirkin

My name is Merisa and I come from a small country in Europe. As a non-native English language and literature teacher I didn’t have many options here. Searching for a job in my own country seemed to be demanding and unreachable. I am now working as an online teacher for a Taiwanese company. I have always been fascinated by the thought of just traveling and doing what I love.  I found this great teacher who shared my same wishes with one difference. Ben has already been through all this and more. I have found a great consultant and coach in him. We have started working together a few months ago and he has a great influence on me. I have a great income online now because of his help and the help of his manual. Furthermore he is an intelligent, open-minded, experienced and helpful person. He gave me a ton of tips on how to improve my CV and how to approach an interview in another country. This year I am moving to Germany because I have appointments in several teaching facilities. It is going to be an exciting year and my biggest thank you goes to Ben! Merisa Bjelo

I have learned so much from you and have gotten so much value. There are so many programs and jobs I didn’t know even exist. I’ve gained immense knowledge about this industry from you and I like your unrestricted thinking as well as doing, before this I had a superficial level of understanding of how this industry works. My next job I plan to negotiate even more.

Amine Aouali

Less than a year ago I had a dream to leave South Africa to travel and better support my son. Leaving one’s home is never easy and it’s scary to go abroad without really knowing what to expect, but I can now say I’m really living my dream. I have visited places my grandfather told me about as a child. Teaching and traveling have been amazing and I have seen so many wonderful places. My world has forever changed. Thanks for all your amazing support–it means the world to me.

Monique Van Tonder

I purchased Ben’s manual over a year ago and it’s already paid for itself multiple times over. Don’t think about it– for the price of a few beers, Ben can teach you how to get rich teaching English, provide you resources to help facilitate that, and he provides personal consultations to connect with your personal situation. Every time I’ve reached out to him he’s replied very quickly, very courteously, and he’s told me the truth without sugar coating anything. I really appreciate that. I recommend it with my highest regards. Tim O’Connell

 About the Author


I got started with little to no knowledge of teaching ESL and a BA in Liberal Studies from Thomas Edison State College. I searched for jobs in the usual places, read a lot of blogs with bad information, and worked in positions that got me nowhere. The jobs I was at often made me feel like I was treading water at best and losing time and energy at worst. I quickly became frustrated and jaded. At first I wanted to give up in search of a different career path, but I studied the education industry closely and realized many truths.

I found a lot of hidden potential in areas often overlooked and quickly dismissed by others. After years of trial and error and many hard knocks, I developed a system that enabled me to maximize income and efficiency and funnel tax-advantaged earnings into real estate projects and other investments that continue to put money in my pocket every month.

I’ve now traveled to 56 countries and retired at the age of 33 with a seven figure income property portfolio I built with money earned from teaching English abroad that enables me to live life on my own terms. I’m passionate about helping others succeed as teachers, destroy debt, gain financial independence, and maximize their potential.


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  • INSTANT manual download in PDF format
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  • UNLIMITED complete resume review with detailed feedback
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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the resume service include?

You will provide the draft copy of your resume which will be critiqued in detail. If you’re starting from scratch, a basic template will be provided to you. Ideas, thoughts, and constructive criticism will be provided to you personally for you to consider. If you are a Plus or Pro client, once you are happy with your draft, it will be sent to a professional designer along with your photo and template of choice. You will have 3 business days in which to review the final product and corrections will be made. Final drafts will come to you in both .pdf and .doc formats.






What are some popular topics for coaching?

Some popular topics for coaching are:

1.) Building your brand and charging a premium for your services.

2.) How to make $100,000 a year with as low a tax burden as legally possible.

3.) How to get your BA super fast via credit by examination.

4.) How to get bonafide, permanent residence abroad in a tax-free jurisdiction.

5.) How to create a resume that stands out and gets you the job.

6.) Common contract traps and how to avoid them.

7.) Options for passive and multiple streams of income.

8.) How to prepare for your move abroad and what to consider.

9.) Training, education, and setting yourself up for long term success.

10.) The best possible scenario tailored to your specific situation and individual needs.

Does Ben from YouTube personally work with me and go over my documents?

Yes, it is all done in-house. I do have a virtual assistant who helps with subscriptions and answering frequently asked questions, but your resume/CV and questions will all come to me personally.




I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. Is this a problem?
I’ve been there before. I remember having no idea how to get started or what to look out for and feeling completely paralyzed. This is why I enjoy working with people. It’s no problem at all and I’m here to help.







What if money is not important to me?

While money may not be your end goal, having a good experience should be. Knowing what you’re getting into, potential pitfalls to avoid, and how to make the most of your contracts should be a priority for everyone. A good year versus a terrible one is in and of itself priceless.

Also, while you may not feel money in and of itself is important to you, what about having the ability to avoid slaving away 9-5 with little vacation time and keeping a fraction of what you earned? What about being able to support your family in times of distress because you have ample savings and investments? What about being able to help your favorite charity with contributions? What about being able to turn your dreams into a reality, to travel, to learn, to improve yourself, and then be able to give back?

Who can benefit from the manual and coaching?

Newbies will love the explanations and comprehensive knowledge that will help them get started knowing they are making the right decisions and avoiding costly mistakes.

Those who have taught before will love the ideas for expansion, increasing their income, and techniques which enable maximum returns on effort.

Experienced teachers will love the tips and tricks that will help them put their earnings into turbo mode.

Professional athletes, CEOs of billion dollar corporations, and people of all walks of life and skill levels who want to be the absolute best they can be depend on the guidance of mentors and coaches. With the manual and services provided, there is something for everyone who plans to teach or is already teaching abroad.

What if I'm not from the US/UK/Ireland/Canada/Australia/New Zealand/South Africa?
I’ve worked with countless people that do not have passports from these countries. While some of the content offered is specific to natives of these countries, if you are an aspiring or current ESL teacher, there is a lot that still applies and the coaching can help fill in the gaps. While it may be more difficult to get work visas in certain countries, there are always options.
If you already made a lot in ESL, why do you do this for $47/87/147?
Because I love it. I enjoy helping others and most people who purchase one of the packages are motivated and ready to rock and roll. This in turn motivates me. I enjoy working with upbeat, positive people who are ready to change their lives like I did. I am very organized and militant about email and communication and this efficiency enables me to work with a large number of people each day.







How often do you respond to emails?
Emails are automatically sorted by package level. If your question is easy to answer and requires no research on my part, I will respond within 48 business hours. If your email is longer than 5 sentences and/or requires research, it can take as long as 72 business hours. Many emails I’m able to answer the same day.







Do you do cover letters?
I have a specific layout and style I recommend for cover letters and I do provide guidance on them. Cover letters will be a site add-on at a future point. At present, matching cover letters can be drafted to pair with your resume for an extra $15.







Where do you live?
I am a permanent resident of Paraguay and travel frequently throughout the world. While traveling may throw a person unexpected curve balls from time to time, email communication is always a priority for me and this will in no way negatively affect the level of service you receive as a coaching client.







Where is the best place to teach ESL right now?
It really depends on your education level, passport, level of experience, and what makes you happy. For most people, Asia and the Middle East are the best options for making money.







Do you share my information?

Absolutely not. I take your privacy very seriously and will never share your personal information, ideas, strategies, or contracts with anyone else. This is of the utmost importance to me.

Can you help me review a contract I received?

Of course!

Where are you teaching now?

I stopped teaching in 2015 after becoming financially free thanks to ESL. I may return to teaching at some point, but at this point in my life I’m more focused on business ventures that teaching English made possible for me. While I’m not teaching now, my reach is much broader and more international in scope. I review many contracts each week and work with individuals across the globe. I stay up to date on current events and teaching jobs throughout the world.


Have a question about a product? Email me! 

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